Benefits of Collagen Supplements


Collagen supplements play a major role in the human body and as a matter of fact it is the most abundant proteins within the human body. Just about everything you can think of is made of collagen such as your hair, bones and skin, ligaments, joints, tendons, organs and the list goes on. Having a lack of collagen can lead to a bunch of ailments and likewise having collagen could help treat a lot of ailments as well. Despite collagen playing such an essential role in the human body very few people actually know about it and those who do know about it tend to not truly understand how important it actually is.

For example, our bodies naturally produce collagen and the younger we are the more collagen our body naturally produces. But as we get older our body starts to act a bit different in regards to collagen. By the time you reach the age of 20 our body starts to lose 1% of collagen every subsequent year so that means if your 40 your body produces less than 20% collagen than it did when you were 20. This becomes apparent with signs of aging, wrinkled/saggy skin, loss of muscle mass, joint pains are all a direct byproduct of the lack of collagen that your body is producing. This is why as you get older these problems begin to appear more and more with greater intensity.

So What Should You Do?


The solution to this problem is very straightforward, if we put back in with the body no longer produces it will directly fix the problem at hand. So basically by taking collagen supplements you’re actually providing your body with collagen which could then use to repair skin cells (such as wrinkly skin) as well as provide the collagen to your organs and all the above mentioned body parts.

Studies have also shown that by utilizing collagen you significantly reduce the likelihood of you developing arthritis and osteoporosis if taken an early enough. Even if you take collagen later on in life and even if you already currently have arthritis and osteoporosis studies have shown that by taking a natural collagen supplement you can minimize the symptoms that you receive from these diseases. There are some reported cases where users were actually able to completely get rid of their arthritis and osteoporosis which is one of the benefits of collagen supplements.

Different Types of Collagen


There are three different types of collagen out there which affects the body in different ways. There is type I and type III collagen which is the most commonly found collagen around. These types of collagen are usually used for cosmetic such as a reduction of wrinkles, increase in muscle mass which will help prevent saggy skin as well as providing collagen to your organs, hair skin and nails.

The third type of collagen is type II collagen which barely has any effect when it comes to your hair skin and nails but has a major effect when it comes to your joints, ligaments, bones and cartilage. This is the type of collagen you would need to take if you are a person suffering from arthritis and or osteoporosis.

All three types of collagen are important, so that means you’re probably going to have to take two types of collagen products. The reason why is due to the fact that you usually find either or and never all three types of collagen and one product. So you might find type I and type III in one product and type II in another product.

Be Careful When Choosing a Collagen Product


One thing you should understand is that not all supplements are made the same. When it comes to  supplements some manufacturers like to take shortcuts to save money and the shortcuts usually end up affecting the user in the long run. You’ve probably ran into people who would probably tell you that collagen supplements don’t work. The reason why some people buy into this notion is due to the fact that the particular collagen product that they may have purchased might not have been effective due to collagen manufacturers taking shortcuts and not using premium ingredients.

For example, you’ll notice that a lot of supplement manufacturers extract their collagen from cows in Brazil. There are several reasons why we don’t condone this practice, one of the main reasons is due to the fact that Brazil has the Zika Virus. This virus currently doesn’t have any cure and not enough studies have been done on this virus. Researchers still don’t even know if the disease can be transmitted through animals such as “cows”. You would think that collagen manufactures would switch their source but unfortunately the majority of collagen manufacturers out there still get their collagen from cows in Brazil.

Try out Skinade Brand of Collagen


One of the best collagen products that we stand behind is Skinade due to the fact that they are one of the only liquid collagen supplement that go above and beyond to provide an organic source of collagen for the consumption of the everyday user.

There are several things about this company that we simply love for example, Skinade has been featured in over 100 magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, OK!, Women’s Health and the list goes on. They have won more awards than any other collagen product on the market to date. The have the most positive reviews online compared to other collagen products, receiving and 8.1 review score on

Unlike the majority of collagen supplement manufacturers, they do not use collagen extracted from cows in foreign countries like Brazil. As a matter of fact, they don’t use any cow products in their collagen formula whatsoever. There collagen product is 100% marine-based which means that it’s safe for the bulk of people out there including pescetarians as well as diabetics since it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners.

Also, they are one of the very few collagen product manufacturers that publicly released their clinical studies so that people can see for themselves. As a matter of fact, Huffington Post as well as Cosmopolitan magazine tried Skinade for 30 days and they were surprised at how great the results were. Mind you these people weren’t paid to do this and tried the product on their own accord.

To Sum Things Up

Collagen is more important then you know and this is why it’s essential that you get your collagen from the most natural place possible. If you’ve never tried collagen or if you haven’t received much results in the past when using collagen products, then I highly suggest that you give Skinade a shot.